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Starch-less depositing | starchless candy machine

This type machine is based on the traditional piston punch type. Junyu has created and innovated the last-erst machines that breaks the traditional machine for the capacity limit which can reach to maximum 2 tons per hou

Mini candy depositor

Mini candy depositor This mini depositor can produce all kinds of candy. Whatever you would like to make soft candy or hard candy,  one color or multiple colors, this machine is a perfect choice. Because of the s

Lollipop making machine

This machine is based on the traditional piston punch type. It can produce hard candy and lollipop candy with different molds. For lollipop, it can produce 2D or 3D lollipop or whatever you want. If you want to produce

Gummy/jelly candy making machine

Description: Jelly/gummy candy making machine can reach to maximum 2 tons/hour and can also produce 4-color candy at the same time. The starch-free process is more hygienic and less costly than alternative processes. 2

Toffee candy depositing line | candy making machine

Specification: Model JYT-150 JYT-300 JYT-450 JYT-600 JYT-1200 capacity(kg/hour) 100-150 200-300 350-450 600-1000 1200-2000 Advantage: Toffee

Candy mold | candy molds on sale

Gummy Candy Mold It can be used in our gummy candy making machine and mini candy depositor  1.Standard Gummy Mold 2.Quick Release Gummy Mold 3.Silicone Gummy Mold 4.3D Gummy Mold 

Candy drying trays

Candy drying tray for gummy candy The candy drying tray is used for starch-less gummy candy, if you buy gummy candy making machine and mini candy depositor, it is better to choose a suitable drying tray and tray troll

Starch mogul tray | starch mougle line suppliers

ABS Starch mogul tray for gummy candy   Trays are extremely important. They are used to transfer food and beverage products or any other goods. We n

Small automatic candy depositing machine

√ All the electric parts are using the international brands for longer life. √ Unique CFA system for adding Like: vitamin CBD, THC, etc.... √ Provide unique design for 2D or 3