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Dough sheet relaxing system | dough sheeter

Before the dough to the hard dough rotary molder to cutting, we have a special system to releasing the dough. Due to repeated rolling, the quality and plasticity of the dough increases. The complete set with a stress rel


Feature: The feeder is used to feed the dough into the hopper and pre-roll the dough or dough sheets into suitable dough pieces, which are conveyed to the 1/2/3 gauge rolls for further rolling. It is an indispensable ma

Dough mixer

Mixing is a key to make the biscuits successfully, whatever you want the soft dough or the gluten protein such as soda. Different mixer will cause total different effects.

Dough laminator

The dough laminator is working together with the roller sheet forming machine, it is usually used for hard biscuit. It is advantageous for tough biscuit to improve quality and grade, which makes it necessary for produci

Oil spray machine (including the oil filter)

At present, some biscuit manufacturers add an oil spraying machine after biscuit baking oven. This machine can improve the gloss and taste of biscuits, product quality, and increase the variety of colors. The raw materia

Planetary mixer

Planetary mixer has many functions, such as mixing, kneading to mix the milk, eggs and so on. The machines are complete with 3 types of agitator and have 3 grades of speed for different mixing purposes like flour mixing,

Roller sheeting forming

The new dough sheet will pass into one or more sets of gauge roll pairs, which are designed to reduce the thickness that is required for the dough cutting. The dough is typically carried on conveyors between the sheet an

Rotary cutting molder for hard biscuit

The mold has a dough block of specified size, shape and pattern in order to ensure the fine processing of the dough, the retention of its structure and the continuous production of dough strips. The extrude rolls,

Rotary printing molder for soft biscuit

This machine is very easy to operate, just put the stirred flour dough into the machine hopper. It is formed at one time into any shape biscuit you want. The forming speed can be adjustable, and the machine is smal