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Automatic biscuit production line

Jun Yu Provide automatic biscuit production line. You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website. @jymachinetech Whatever from raw material processing to packaging, or from consump

Baking oven

Automatic baking tunnel oven usually have three main types: Gas oven,Electrical oven and Hot air circulation oven depend on the natural resources of different needs and countries.  Electrical oven -Far infrar

Dough sheet relaxing system | dough sheeter

Advantages: • Conveyor input can be adjustable from front to back. • Conveyor output can be adjustable for the height. • Self-weight tension • Individual power, it can be adjustable speed separate


Advantage: • Frequency controller of motor speed, using displacement transducer to inspect the thickness of dough • PLC touch screen adjust the dough thickness, more accurate •

Dough mixer

Horizontal Dough Mixer:   This mixer with a unique ‘$’ design for the mixing blade to ensure good dispersion of ingredients and rapid development of the dough. It is critical to

Dough laminator

Cut sheet laminator Reciprocating type laminator Advantage: 3 rollers for sheeting and 4 rollers for adjusting the dough thickness Electrical control, advance automation, simple structure, easy o

Oil spray machine (including the oil filter)

1.Nozzle type for small production (100-600kg/hour capacity)   Advantage • Multi-application for hard and soft biscuit • Space-saving • Easy to open for cleaning and maint

Planetary mixer

Selection of Agitator and Speed Dough arm: Suitable for heavy bread dough or other high viscosity food materials. - Set the machine at LOW SPEED. Beater: Suitable for thin bathers, cakes, mashing potatoes, and c

Roller sheeting forming

Advantage: Dough thickness digital display, more precise and adjustable. Alloy steel roller, much stronger, wear resistance, good quality. Stable transmission, small vibration, low noise T9 type scraper, sha