Baking oven

Hybrid oven by Natural gas or Electrical or Diesel...

Automatic baking tunnel oven usually have three main types:
Gas oven,Electrical oven and Hot air circulation oven depend on the natural resources of different needs and countries. 

Electrical oven
-Far infrared heating
The working principle is by the far infrared heating element, their arrangement and controlling can make the heating uniform, there is an exhaust system to collect the steam.

Gas oven
-Direct Fired Oven

The working principle is gas ribbon burners fitted directly into the baking chamber. Various burners make a unique baking profile for every product. The burner controllers are splited in top, bottom and more zones.

Hot air circulation oven
- Convection (indirect) type

The working principle is heating by indirect air impingement, an optimization of the well-known convection principle. The heat from the gas burner is exchanged in the heat exchange above the baking chamber. The baking air is not mixed with the combustion air. Direct impingement ovens are also available, where combustion air is circulated in the baking chamber.
baking oven

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