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Automatic biscuit production line

Suitable for most of the soft dough and hard dough biscuits

Starch-less depositing | starchless candy machine

Starch-less depositing is the ideal production process for hard candies, lollipops,toffees, caramels, chews, gums, jellies ....

Mini candy depositor

Multi-Functional for all kinds of candies

Lollipop making machine

The machine is multi-functional, and it is widely used to produce lollipop candy and hard candy, such as flat lollipop, galaxy lollipop, ball lollipop which are popular in the market

Baking oven

Hybrid oven by Natural gas or Electrical or Diesel...

@Jymachinetech Service

Pre-sales consulation / After-sales installation & training / Machine maintenance / Program & manual download



• 40+ Years Manufacturing Experience
Since 1980s, we began to be in one of the food equipment manufacturing, such as biscuit making machine, candy making machine, chocolate making machine, wafer making machine, cake making machine, packaging machine, etc.

• 20+ Patents
Our company has over 20 pcs patents for biscuit machine and candy machine, that helps us to obtain many orders worldwide. Recently we have cooperated with the Oreo factory, if you want to see the biscuit production, we will show you how to make biscuit in their factory.

• 8000m² Factory Area
To improve our production capacity, we have hired much more technical team to support each customer's order, now our factory area has expanded to 8000m².

• 20+ CNC-Process Equipment
There are more than 20 sets CNC process equipment in our factory, these can help us to finish the machine processing more precise, more efficiency.



• GMP standard factory

• ISO Quality control

• Own CNC center

• Stainless steel certificate

• Sandblasting surface coating

• Exported to 100+ countries

Offer factory tour service

√ Service

• Turn-key service

Focus on customized turn-key plan, whatever you need mini machine or semi automatic machine, or fully automatic production line, we can provide all.

• Formula support
We have cooperate with the authoritative scientific research institute to custom the special formula for you with your machine to reach your ideal taste.

• Annual machine maintenance
2500+ or annual machine oversea local maintenance
Others or different brand machine technical support
Update machine programming & setting

• Technology support
12 drawing designers and 20 professional engineers which can offer your support anytime and anywhere.
With English service 7/24 online to guide and solve any problem.
Local training & installation

No matter what kind of ideas or questions about Food Machinery
We would always happy to help and make new solutions here!

Pre-sales consultation | bakery equipment

Pre-sales consultation ► A-Z turnkey solution ► R&D Detail design  ► Plant machine field testing ► Online sales meeting ► Free technical advice  Bakery equipment you can browse related products an

After-sales and install training | hard biscuit production line

After-sales and install training ► Overseas installation ► Annual training ► Formula field testing ► Raw material suggestion ► Online technical support ► Program download ► Machine manual download ► Installat

Machine maintenance service | candy making machine

candy making machine Machine maintenance service ► Annual maintenance ► Equipment maintenance locally ► Different brand machine technical support ► Updating machine spare parts ► Three-year warranty 911

Online trade show | bakery equipment

► Factory tour ► Production processing  ► Technical lesson ► Online training @jymachine Weekly live show for factory tour,production processing,technical lesson,Online training,recipe help... Bakery equip

Sales Team

Choose one of them to become your personal sales assistant

Mr. Airon

Mr. Airon

Hello, everyone! This is Airon from Shanghai Junyu, a specialist for candy machine.

Gummy bear candy is the very popular in the Europe and America market. Our company has the confectionery manufacturing experience more than 40 years. If you would like to establish a gummy candy factory, don’t hesitate to call me! I am happy to introduce our gummy making machine for you! We will offer our turn-key service to support you. 

Mr. Marco

Mr. Marco

Hello, guys, this is Marco from Shanghai Junyu. I used to study abroad in UK for 5 years, and good at the 3D drawings. 

Do you have a pet? I have a cute dog, that is the reason I work in a biscuit making machine manufacturer. It’s a good time to do better things for our pets. Our company is a big factory which can make biscuit machine, candy machine, chocolate machine, packaging machine, etc. in Shanghai with 6 workshops, almost 8000 square meters. If you contact me, I will show you our pet kibble biscuit machine.

Ms. Natalie

Ms. Natalie

Hello, this is Natalie from Shanghai Junyu, I am happy to work in a food machine company.

Candies, biscuits and chocolate are essential foods in my daily life, so that I collect hundreds of formulas for our customers, such as biscuit making formula, gummy bear formula, etc. Are you worrying about the recipe? If you buy our candy machine or biscuit machine, I will share with you more taste options.

Ms. Daney

Ms. Daney

Bonjour, mon ami, c’est Daney de Shanghai Junyu. J'a i étudié le français pendant quelques années et j'ai près de dix ans d'expérience dans le commerce extérieur.

Whatever you speak English or French, it is my great honor to serve you to find industrial biscuit machine, candy machine for sale, chocolate making machine, etc. Whatever you are interested in candy machine or biscuit machine, just contact me and let me help you to be a billionaire. Our candy machine can produce gummy bear, hard candy, lollipop, etc. Our biscuit machine can produce hard biscuit, soft biscuit, cookie, cracker, etc. I am waiting for you!


Our CEO Mr. Lu used to work in a state-run factory as production manager. During 1980s, many factories reformed about changing state owned enterprises into private enterprises,So Mr. Lu and few managers bought this factory and started manufacturing machines for local market..
  • 1980

    Started factory and got first order for the biggest chain bakery shop in Shanghai

  • 1998

    Opened the global market and improved the first fully automatic biscuit production line

  • 2011

    Developed the first fully automatic candy production line from cooking to packing

  • 2019

    Hired a German design team and improved again under EU standards.

  • 2021

    Start building more machines before the order,and offer refund service during the Covid-19 Virus.